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U.S. Department of the Treasury Is Hiring A RPO, OPR, WO, ECMO, TAS, TXO, OLS, TS Divisions- Accepting 10pts Disabled Vet Eligible Resumes


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers several career options for people who have proudly served our country. With so many diverse career fields available in our agency, your solid military experience and willingness to selflessly serve can avail you of a rewarding career in public service.

For consideration at IRS under non-competitive hiring authorities for veterans, please see below for more information. To learn more about opportunities for veterans, please visit FedsHireVets.gov.

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This job is open to

  • Veterans

Clarification from the agency

Veterans - Clarification from the agency: Non-competitive employment for veterans eligible under a non-competitive hiring authority (e.g., VRA, 30% or more disabled, VA Training Program, etc.) and notification of opportunities to apply for 10-point veterans.




A description of the business units can be found at: https://www.jobs.irs.gov/about/who/business-divisions

Your application will be placed into a pool of eligible veterans for notification of available opportunities in your selected areas of interest or selection via a non-competitive hiring authority for veterans.

This Announcement May Be Used To Fill One Or More Vacancies At Any Time Without Notification, In Any Series Or Grade. Typical Job Opportunities Within IRS Can Include, But Are Not Limited To, The Following Occupations

  • 0085 Security Guard (Door Monitor)
  • 0101 Social Scientist
  • 0201 Human Resource Specialist
  • 0260 Equal Employment Specialist
  • 0301 Policy Analyst
  • 0301 Systems Analyst
  • 0301 Program Evaluation and Risk Analyst
  • 0301 Staff Assistant
  • 0301 Telephone System Analyst
  • 0301 Technical Advisor
  • 0301 Executive Assistant
  • 0301 Special Project Director
  • 0301 Web Analyst
  • 0301 Project Manager
  • 0301 Operations Specialist
  • 0301 Emerging Technology Analyst
  • 0301 Digital User Experience Analyst
  • 0301 User Experience Designer (Interactive Designer)
  • 0301Digital Project Manager
  • 0301 Web Strategies
  • 0301 Digital Business Analyst
  • 0301 Digital User Experience Researcher
  • 0303 Clerk
  • 0303 Initial Assistance Representative
  • 0303 Case Processor (Office Automation)
  • 0303 Staff Support Assistant (Office Automation)
  • 0305 Mail and File Clerk
  • 0318 Secretary (Automation)
  • 0332 Computer Operator
  • 0335 Computer Assistant
  • 0340 Program Manager
  • 0343 Management and Program Analyst
  • 0343 Program Analyst
  • 0343 Lead Management and Program Analyst
  • 0344 Management and Program Assistant
  • 0344 Gate Keeper
  • 0350 Peripheral Equipment Operator (Scanner Operator)
  • 0501 Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) Analyst
  • 0501 Case Advocate
  • 0501 Individual Taxpayer Advisory Specialist
  • 0501 Stakeholder Relationship Tax Consultant
  • 0501 Tax Analyst
  • 0501 Automated Examination System Specialist
  • 0503 Intake Advocate
  • 0503 Financial Assistant
  • 0503 Correspondence Examination Technician
  • 0503 Financial Technician
  • 0512 Internal Revenue Agent
  • 0525 Accounting Technician
  • 0526 Tax Specialist
  • 0560 Budget Analyst
  • 0592 Tax Examining Technician
  • 0930 Appeals Officer
  • 0950 Paralegal Specialist
  • 0962 Customer Service Representative
  • 0963 Legal Instruments Examiner
  • 0987 Tax Law Specialist
  • 1001 Digital Engagement Specialist
  • 1035 Public Affairs Specialist
  • 1040 Translator
  • 1083 Technical Writer (Tax Law)
  • 1084 Visual Information Specialist
  • 1515 Operation Research Analyst
  • 1531 Statistical Assistant
  • 1560 Data Scientist
  • 1560 Senior Data Scientist
  • 1601 Publishing Program Specialist
  • 1603 Equipment, Facilities, and Services Assistant (EFA)
  • 1603 Printing Services Assistant
  • 1654 Printing Officer
  • 1702 Education Services Specialist
  • 1910 Quality Assurance Specialist
  • 2001 Distribution Analyst
  • 2003 Supply Management Specialist
  • 2010 Supervisory Inventory Management Specialist
  • 2130 Traffic Management Specialist
  • 2210 Information Technology Specialist

This announcement is being used as a repository. During the life of the announcement, hiring managers may request to receive names of interested candidates. Applications will be filtered by series, grade level and location. We do not know whether any particular series/grade/location will have vacancies during the life of the announcement. You will not receive regular updates regarding your application. If you are referred to a hiring manager for consideration, you may or may not be contacted.


Conditions of Employment

  • Telework Eligible Positions: Telework eligible positions do not guarantee telework. Employees must meet and sustain IRS telework eligibility requirements (e.g., reporting at least twice a pay period to your assigned Post of Duty (POD)) and supervisor's approval to participate in the IRS Telework Program. Employees must also be within a 200-mile radius of their official assigned post-of-duty (POD) while in a telework status. As a reminder If you are selected for a position, you are responsible for reporting to your designated POD (location) on the negotiated start date or as directed by management.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or National and provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. (Birth certificate showing birth in the U.S; Unexpired U.S. Passport; Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization; or Report of Birth Abroad of a U.S. Citizen (Form FS-240))
  • A 1-year probationary period is required.
  • A 1-year supervisory or managerial probationary period is required.
  • Have your salary sent to a financial institution of your choice by Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • Undergo a review of prior performance/conduct and an income tax verification. Refer to "Get Your Tax Record" at http://www.irs.gov/ to check the status of your account, balance owed, payment history, make a payment, or review answers to tax questions. If you are not in compliance, you will be determined unsuitable for employment with IRS.
  • Must successfully complete a background investigation, including a FBI criminal history record check (fingerprint check).
  • Complete a Declaration for Federal Employment to determine your suitability for Federal employment, at the time requested by the agency.
  • If you are a male applicant born after December 31, 1959, certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System or are exempt from having to do so.
  • Go through a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) process that requires two forms of identification from the Form I-9. Federal law requires verification of the identity and employment eligibility of all new hires in the U.S. These documents must be unexpired original or certified copies.




Veterans preference gives eligible veterans preference in hiring. Preference is given in competitive appointments as well as special noncompetitive appointments. Only veterans discharged or released from active duty in the armed forces under honorable conditions (i.e., with an honorable or general discharge) are eligible for veterans' preference.

30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans

The 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans authority enables the appointment of an eligible candidate to any position for which he or she is qualified without competition. Unlike the VRA, there is no grade-level limitation. Initial appointments are time-limited, lasting more than 60 days; however, individuals can be non-competitively converted to a permanent status at any time during the time-limited appointment.

Eligibility Applies To The Following Categories

  • Disabled veterans who were retired from active military service with a service-connected disability rating of 30 percent or more; or
  • Disabled veterans rated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as having a compensable service-connected disability of 30 percent or more

This announcement is only accepting application from 30% or more disabled, 10-point veterans with CPS preference. Other preference groups (CP, XP, TP and SSP) may apply to our VRA-specific announcement. For more information on the types of veterans preference for which you may qualify, visit the Feds Hire Vets Veterans Preference web page.


For a list of special hiring authorities designed specifically for veterans for which 10-point veterans may be eligible. Visit Feds Hire Vets Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans web page.

Applicants wishing to be considered for employment at IRS through the Selective Placement Program may also submit an application using IRS's competitive selection process by responding to a specific job opportunity announcement listed on IRS's job opportunity page at: https://www.usajobs.gov/Search/Results?a=SZ00&hp=public&p=1


You must have any specific requirements that may be required by job type and may include the following: education, maximum entry age, physical qualifications, medical qualifications, drug testing, bilingual requirements, typing requirements, etc.


For positions with an education requirement, or if you are qualifying for this position by substituting education or training for experience, submit a copy of your transcripts or equivalent. An official transcript will be required if you are selected.

A college or university degree generally must be from an accredited (or pre-accredited) college or university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. For a list of schools which meet these criteria, please refer to Department of Education Accreditation page.

FOREIGN EDUCATION: Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the requirements. You must show proof the education credentials have been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education program. It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying. Click here for Foreign Education Credentialing instructions.

Additional information

Summary Continued

Click on "Learn more about this agency" button below to view Eligibilities being considered and other IMPORTANT information.

WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OTHER IRS CAREERS? Visit us on the web at www.jobs.irs.gov.

Requirements Continued

  • The Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act prohibits the Department of Treasury and its bureaus from requesting an applicant's criminal history record before that individual receives a conditional offer of employment. In accordance with 5 U.S. Code
  • 9202(c) and 5 C.F.R
  • 920.201 certain positions are exempt from the provisions of the Fair Chance to Compete Act. Applicants who believe they have been subjected to a violation of the Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act, may submit a written complaint to the Department of Treasury by email at, FairChanceAct@treasury.gov. To learn more, please visit our page at: Treasury.gov/fairchanceact.
  • We may select from this announcement or any other source to fill one or more vacancies. Additional jobs may be filled.
  • The salary range indicated in this announcement reflects the minimum locality pay up to maximum locality pay for all duty locations listed. The range will be adjusted for selected duty location. General Schedule locality pay tables may be found under Salaries & Wages.
  • This are bargaining/non-bargaining unit position.
  • Tour of Duty will be determined at time of selection.
  • Alternative work schedule, staggered work hours or telework may be available.
  • In the event that a building is closed due to rent management, new hires may be placed in a local commuting location.
  • Benefits

A career with the U.S. government provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. As a federal employee, you and your family will have access to a range of benefits that are designed to make your federal career very rewarding. Opens in a new windowLearn more about federal benefits.

Review our benefits

Eligibility for benefits depends on the type of position you hold and whether your position is full-time, part-time or intermittent. Contact the hiring agency for more information on the specific benefits offered.

How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

Rating: Your application includes your resume, responses to the online questions, and required supporting documents. Please be sure that your resume includes detailed information to support your qualifications for this position; failure to provide sufficient evidence in your resume may result in a "not qualified" determination.

This position will be filled through the non-competitive hiring under a special hiring authority for veterans, you will be evaluated based on your submitted documentation.

Your application will be considered based on education, training, and quality of your experience.

Your application will be retained in our active files for one (1) year from the date of receipt.

Referral: Applicants who meet the basic qualification requirements will be referred to the selecting manager for consideration as positions become available.

You may be required to participate in a selection interview (telephonic and/or in person at the discretion of the Selecting Official in accordance with hiring polices). We will not reimburse costs related to the interview such as travel to and from the interview site.

Required Documents

The following documents are required and must be provided with your application. All application materials, including transcripts, must be in English.

  • Resume Your resume MUST contain dates of employment (i.e., month/year to month/year or present). To ensure you receive full credit for relevant experience, include the hours worked per week. We recommend that your resume not exceed 5 pages. If including Federal service experience, you MUST provide the pay plan, series, and grade, i.e., GS-0301-09. If the pay plan, series, and grade are not provided, it may result in an ineligible determination.

Your resume must NOT include photographs, classified or government sensitive information, social security number (SSN), encrypted/digitally signed documents, or other inappropriate material or content. If your resume contains prohibited information as listed above, your application will be determined ineligible, and you will not receive consideration for this position. (Cover letters are optional.) Please view Resume Tips.

It is also recommended that your resume not include personal information such as age, gender, religion, race, disability, etc.

  • Online Application Questionnaire responses
  • Education See Education Section above
  • Veterans' Preference (if applicable) You MUST submit a copy of your DD-214 (Member 4 copy), or other official documentation from a branch of the Armed Forces or the Department of Veterans Affairs showing dates of service and type of discharge. If you are serving under active duty, provide certification from the Armed Forces that you will be discharged or released within 120 days from the date of certification. The certification must indicate your dates of service, rank and that you will be separated under honorable conditions.

10-point preference eligible - Submit an Application for 10-point Veteran Preference, SF-15, along with the required documentation listed on the back of the SF-15 Veterans Affairs/Armed Forces certification must include the percentage of the service-connected disability or disabilities (including the "combined" percentage if you have more than one disability). Refer to FedsHireVets for additional information on veterans' preference

Please note that if you do not provide all required information, as specified in this announcement, your application will be determined incomplete, and you will not be considered for this position (or may not receive the special consideration for which you may be eligible).

If you are relying on your education to meet qualification requirements:

Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications. Therefore, provide only the attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Failure to provide all of the required information as stated in this vacancy announcement may result in an ineligible rating or may affect the overall rating.

How to Apply

The following instructions outline our application process. You must complete this application process and submit any required documents by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of this announcement. We are available to assist you during business hours (normally 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday). If applying online poses a hardship, please contact us by noon ET on the announcement's closing date.

Treasury believes in a working environment that supports inclusion; please view our reasonable accommodation policies and procedures at http://jobs.irs.gov/seasonal/reasonable-accommodation.html. We will provide reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us [or Enter Contact's name and Phone # or e-mail address] if you require this for any part of the application and hiring process.

  • To begin, either click the "Create a New Account" button and follow the prompts to register or if you previously registered, click the "Apply Online" button and follow the prompts.
  • You will be re-directed to Treasury's hiring system to complete your application process; answer the online questions and submit all required documents. (To submit supporting documents, click one of the available options; Upload; Fax; or Reuse existing documents. To protect your privacy, we suggest you first remove your SSN). Also, go to "My Account" to view and update your information, as necessary.
  • To complete, you must click the "Finish" button located at the bottom of the "Application Review" page.
  • To verify your application is complete, log into your USAJOBS account, select the Application Status link and then select the more information link for this position. The Details page will display the status of your application, the documentation received.
  • To return to an incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account and click Update Application in the vacancy announcement. You must re-select your resume and/or other documents from your USAJOBS account or your application will be incomplete.

If you are experiencing system issues with your application, please contact the USAJOBS Help Desk.

Agency contact information

IRS Kansas City External

Email KCJobs@irs.gov

Address HCO OHRO

1111 Constitution Ave NW

Washington, DC 20224


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Next steps

Once your application package and online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgement email. You are responsible for checking status updates and notifications in USAJOBS. Hard copy notifications will not be sent to you. You may check the status of your application for this position at any time by logging onto the USAJOBS "My Account" tab and clicking on "Application Status." For a more detailed update of your application status, you may click on "more information." Please notify us if your contact information changes after the closing date of the announcement. If your email mailbox is full or blocked (SPAM) you may not receive important communication that could affect your consideration for this position.

Our comprehensive benefits are very generous. Our benefits package includes:

  • Challenging work, opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries, bonuses and incentive awards.
  • Eleven paid holidays, 13 days of sick leave, and 13 to 26 days of vacation time each year.
  • Access to insurance programs that may be continued after you retire.
  • A wide choice of health insurance plans, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and no waiting periods. We pay a substantial amount (up to 75%) of the health insurance premiums.
  • A retirement program which includes employer-matching contributions.
  • Learn more about Federal benefits programs at: Pay and benefits.

Fair & Transparent

The Federal hiring process is set up to be fair and transparent. Please read the following guidance.

  • Criminal history inquiries
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy
  • Financial suitability
  • New employee probationary period
  • Privacy Act
  • Reasonable accommodation policy
  • Selective Service
  • Signature and false statements
  • Social security number request



  • Email
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter


  • Accepting applications
  • Open & closing dates

04/12/2024 to 09/30/2024

  • Salary

$39,576 - $117,400 per year

  • Pay scale & grade

GS 5 - 15

  • Remote job


  • Telework eligible

Yes-as determined by the agency policy.

  • Travel Required

Not required

  • Relocation expenses reimbursed


  • Appointment type


  • Work schedule


  • Service


  • Promotion potential


  • Job family (Series)

5201 Miscellaneous Occupations

  • Supervisory status


  • Security clearance

Not Required

  • Drug test


  • Position sensitivity and risk

Non-sensitive (NS)/Low Risk

  • Trust determination process


  • Announcement number


  • Control number


This job originated on www.usajobs.gov. For the full announcement and to apply, visit www.usajobs.gov/job/786508000. Only resumes submitted according to the instructions on the job announcement listed at www.usajobs.gov will be considered.